One of the newest properties of the UR-802/803 systems is that they have recently obtained (10/11/04) the classification RF-60 according to Rule 23802:1979, regarding: stability against fire, fire retardation, flame proofing and resistance to fire.
At present they are the only steel partition screens in their standard commercial form, which have obtained this certification. Products with these features are requested more and more by large numbers of projects in public administrations and private companies that apply and demand the fulfilment of the legal health and safety at work regulations.
Important Note.- Resistance to fire is always relative since it depends on the type of fire, how it was provoked and the circumstances that influence each case, however, an RF-60 classified product has more resistance than a non classified product, and will specifically resist both a thermal challenge of more than 1000º C for more than 1 hour, and the collapse of the partitions that can close or obstruct the exits, and produce
such a negative panic in these cases.

Fire integrity: 63 minutes.
Fire stability: 63 minutes.
Non-emission of flammable gases: 63 minutes.
Thermal insulation: 61 minutes.

Fireproofing characteristics of the materials used in the Urmóbile partitions:
Galvanized steel: M-O fire proof.
Lacquered steel: M-O fire proof.
Plaster + PVC panel: M-I non-flammable.
Rock wool: M-O fire proof.

Thermal insulation
The thermal insulation is very much linked to the fire resistance which is classified as 61 minutes. This high level of insulation means an important energy saving in the air conditioning of the partitioned areas.