The strength of steel

Urmóbil uses galvanized steel for its structures. Among the different types of steel this is a product that combines the characteristics of the resistance of steel and the durability of zinc.

Galvanization is one of the most effective processes to protect steel from atmospheric corrosion.

The long lasting protection provided by hot galvanizing frequently outlasts the foreseen service life of the facilities, making maintenance completely unnecessarily in the majority of cases, in the constructions or facilities where this product is used

In addition to this undoubted quality of the raw material, after a phosphating, washing and drying process, we subsequently add a sophisticated painting treatment of epoxy-polyester powder at 200º C, and achieve a finished end product especially prepared and completely guaranteed against oxidation.

The teamwork

Urmóbil is at the forefront of the Interior Partitioning sector, and has 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture, distribution and installation of partitions for administrative spaces, creating flexible and novel solutions for the distribution and optimization of space.

Urmóbil offers three integral, dismountable and reusable steel partition systems that can solve and configure any proposed division of interior space, especially administrative, according to the premise, philosophy and regulation of the novel “sustainable construction”. The partition cabinet, wall coverings or linings and various interior architectural accessories, embody the range for Interior Design.

Urmóbil has a production capacity in excess of the demand of today’s international market, and can therefore give a rapid and efficient service to any business group whether final client or wholesaler, in terms of the materials, distribution, installation and after sales service, backed up by more than 100 official Spanish and foreign distributors.

The high manufacturing technology and its rigorous quality controls, have recently achieved certifications of RF-60 (resistance tofire) and 49 dB (sound-proofing) in standard commercial partitions. These high quality and competitively priced partitioning systems, have demonstrated that they reduce the real cost of installation in a building by their economy, rapidity and use.

Diseña Divisiones has its stamp of quality for all its manufacturing and assembly processes assured thanks to UNE-EN-ISO 9001/2000 certification.