The finishes and qualities of the elements making up the partitions are similar to those of the other systems. There are two options of fully-glazed partition. The Cristal Vision I option is equipped with transparent Standip 5+5 mm glass sheets bonded together vertically with a olycarbonate interlayer. The vertical edges of the glass are bevelled to ensure perfect assembly. The overrall thickness is 80 mm, formed by an internal and external structure of Sendzimir galvanized steel.

The glass can be dismantled independently of the structure via the removable trim running around the perimeter on both sides.

The Cristal Vision II option is equipeped with transparent double Stadip 3+3 mm glass sheets bonded together vertically by means of a greooved aluminium profile coupled to the polycarbonate interlayer. The remaining metallic elements are identical to those of the previous option.